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Creating a Task


Before you begin, make sure you have sufficient credits or that you are signed up for a plan.

You can check your current credit balance from the dashboard.

You can calculate the number of credits needed by using our calculator.

WebODM Lightning can process any of the following:

  • Color images (JPEG, TIFF), georeferenced or not.
  • Multispectral and thermal images (TIFF).
  • Video files (MP4, MOV, LRV, TS).

If you have a Ground Control Points file (gcp_list.txt), select it along with the images.

Check the Options and Resize Images fields


WebODM Lightning provides various options (presets) designed for different scenes and use cases. You can further customize these presets by selecting the Edit button. For a comprehensive reference of all the task options that can be adjusted, refer to Task Options.

DefaultGenerate a map and models at 2 cm / pixel max resolution
High ResolutionGenerate a map and models at 1 cm / pixel max resolution
Fast OrthophotoGenerate a map, using fast-orthophoto
FieldGenerate a map of a flat area that has been captured with nadir shots at a constant altitude. Very fast, but will not work for other scenes.
DSM+DTMSame as Default, but generate a terrain model also.
3D ModelGenerate a more detailed 3D textured model compared to the default settings
MultispectralAutomatically perform radiometric calibration on multispectral images. This computes reflectance and temperature values in supported sensors.
BuildingsAttempts to improves the orthophoto quality in urban areas compared to the defaults.
Volume AnalysisGenerates an elevation model at 1 cm / pixel max resolution, ideal for doing volume measurements.
ForestImproves reconstrution settings for forest or high vegetation areas. Works for snow and sand also.

The output resolution is limited by the ground sampling distance (GSD) of the images. For instance, if the images have a GSD of 5 cm / pixel, and you choose a resolution of 2 cm / pixel, the actual output resolution will be approximately 5 cm / pixel.

Resize Images

The choice to resize images depends on your goals:

Yes (resize)No (don't resize)
* Faster processing* Slower processing
* Lower quality* Highest quality
* Less disk space usage* More disk space usage

Review and Process

Once you're ready, press the Review button, double-check your choices and finally press Process. Processing can take a while. You will receive an e-mail notification when results are ready.